Wiring Works Engineering

When we receive order for electrical construction, in our facility, all harnesses for cables and wires are processed, such as mark tubes and solderless terminals. Because these harnesses are delivered to field to reduce the works at field, it makes short term delivery and cost reduction for construction.

  • wire coating peeling machine

    wire coating peeling machine

  • 1 Wiring around Machine
  • 2 Wiring in Production Facilities (Automobile, Food, Consumer Electrics, etc.)
  • 3 Wiring in Machine
  • 4 Wiring in Logostics (Automated warehouses, Picking Machines, Trasnfer Machines, etc)
  • 5 Wiring in Desicated vessels (inside)
  • 6 Wiring works at Overseas. (Wiring works with local company)
  • 7 Manufacturing of Wire Harness. ・・・Lavor-saving by automated process machine.
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