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Assembly Line

It is the main delivery record of car factory car body assembly line.

NO. The Car factory (Body assembly line) Control design Panel production Construction design adjustment
1 Main body assembly line
2 High speed Main body assembly line
3 Front floor assembly line
4 Rear floor assembly line
5 Dash component stereo assembly line
6 Hood ridge Assembly line
7 Jig & robot, P/SHELF assembly line
8 Jig & robot, rear pillar assembly line
9 Jig & robot, roof assembly line
10 Side main body assembly line
11 Side outer body assembly line
12 Engine compartment Dashboard member additional spot welding line
13 Main body additional spot welding line
14 Floor main additional spot welding line
15 HEM press Back door assembly line

* Delivery has been domestic, overseas, five plants or more.

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