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Control System Engineering (Panels)

Around the control panel control panel design and manufacture of assembly line and pressing equipment related car factory, We hear the design and manufacture of control panel of international planning and control panel design and manufacture of general industrial machinery.

  1. Control Panels
    (High voltage, Low voltage, and Servo control), and Robot Control Panel
    • Control Panels for Industrial Machines.
      Relocation and Restoration of Industrial Machines.
  2. Total Press Control (Panels, Lightings and others)
    • Facility of Press machine and peripheral. Modification of control panel.
    • Press machine relocation and restoration.
  3. Control panels conformable overseas' regulations (NEMA, CSA, CE, UL, and CCC)
    • Delivered to United States of America, Europe, China and other countries.
  4. Various Control panels in Taiwan
    • Control panels (Cost reduction for plate and panel assembly)
Chassis(Rittal Corp.)
Chassis(Rittal Corp.)
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