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Press Machine Peripherals

It is the main delivery record of automobile factory press peripherals.

NO. The Car factory (press auxiliary facilities) Control design Panel production Construction design adjustment
1 Auto-paralletizer Control panel Renewal
2 Additional setting of Slide-rock x 5
3 Mechanical Panel Transfer Unite x 2
4 Remodeling Panel Feeder
5 Remodeling Moving Bolster
6 Renewal Electrical rotary cam limit switch
7 Renewal Auto-nest unit
8 Renewal Press main motor control panel x 4
9 Renewal Press main motor inverter control panel x 4
10 Panel feeder、Robot control、Press Automation x18
11 Double transferized Reconstruction for DestackFeeder
12 Renewal T/F press Die Cushion x6
13 Safety system for Press plant x88
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